There are many good reasons to request AC maintenance here in Vernon, AZ. You may find it hard to stand the heat here, but the same goes for your air conditioner; without an annual AC tune-up, it wears down quicker than it should and may break down in the middle of the cooling season, leaving you uncomfortable and stressed as you seek to have it either repaired or replaced. Maintenance can prevent the need for repairs, allow for more energy-efficient cooling, and extend the system’s life span. Most manufacturers require it, too, for their warranties to stay valid.

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    Vernon AC Maintenance: A Summary

    Depending on the company you hire, you may get a tune-up that’s more or less comprehensive. Some companies offer multiple maintenance plans so that customers can choose for themselves how extensive the work should be.

    The most basic tune-ups, though, can pick up a good number of issues, including:
    • Clogged air filters
    • Dirty coils
    • Bad reversing valves
    • Bearings that need oiling
    • Old or loose electrical wiring

    Vernon AC Maintenance: A SummarySome of these problems, if left alone, can wreak havoc on your cooling. Dirty filters, for instance, obstruct airflow, build up pressure in the air handler, and cause overheating. You may be experiencing this if your AC always shuts off before reaching your set point. Other issues, such as refrigerant leaks, pose a serious health hazard, but a tune-up can cover leak detection and bring you peace of mind.

    One of our technicians in charge of the tune-up may also perform tests like airflow testing and a start-up check. It’s essential that you have smooth airflow and sufficient air pressure. You should also feel cool air not long after start-up, and there should be no loud, continual noises after start-up.

    Our technician can perform minor repairs and adjustments during the tune-up, recommending more major repairs for the future. You’re not obliged, of course, to follow the technician’s advice, but you’ll receive a detailed report of their findings for reference.

    AC Tune-Up Providers in Vernon

    Serving the Vernon area since 1993, Rim Country Mechanical, Inc. has grown to be a trusted provider of AC maintenance. Our maintenance agreements come with a slew of benefits, including select discounts on parts and labor, zero overtime charges, and a satisfaction guarantee. You’ll be working with experienced, NATE-certified technicians throughout your time with us. Our office, which is located in Show Low on North 8th Street not far from Deuce of Clubs Avenue, has staff standing by to answer your call. Here are three tips to keep your home cool and your energy costs low!

    If you have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment, contact us today at Rim Country Mechanical, Inc. for AC maintenance in Vernon! Count on us, also, for AC repair and installation.

    Looking to schedule your annual furnace maintenance? Call us in the fall to schedule your heating tune-up to keep your heater running efficiently.