Does My Humidifier Need Maintenance

June 8, 2020

A whole-home humidifier offers a great way to keep your home at the right humidity levels. When it comes to cleaning a humidifier, some homeowners would rather leave it to a professional team like Rim Country Mechanical, Inc. of Show Low, AZ. Here are the components of a humidifier that need servicing once a year.

Evaporative Pad

The pad needs to be changed once a year. It collects minerals, mold spores, and other particulates. When the pad isn’t changed, it can lead to unhealthy indoor air.


The drain needs to be clear of mineral deposits. Deposits can build up over time, causing the drain to become clogged. If this happens, water will leak out of the humidifier and possibly cause damage to your furnace.


The humidistat measures your home’s humidity levels. It needs to be checked each year to make sure it accurately tells the humidifier to turn on and off.


The fan needs to be clean so it can introduce moisture into the air stream. The fan motor must be checked to make sure it is spinning freely so it delivers all the moisture your humidifier can generate.

Water Distribution Tray

The tray can become clogged with minerals from the water that goes through it. This can cause water to overflow and start dripping out of the humidifier’s housing. The water will drip onto your furnace, which can cause it damage.

Scale Control Insert

This part needs to be cleaned as it can collect mold spores and other contaminants. The result will be these contaminants getting into the air stream and thus negatively impact your indoor air.

Solenoid Valve

This valve needs to be checked each year. This valve allows water to flow when told to do so by the humidistat and turns the water flow off once there is enough humidity.

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