#1 Heating Maintenance in Lakeside

    Dave Lennox Premier LogoRim Country Mechanical, Inc. is an expert in heating maintenance for homeowners in Lakeside, AZ. Even if you can replace the filters and do some other basic tasks, a comprehensive tune-up requires a professional technician. Our team members are NATE-certified, licensed, and continually trained. Since they have a keen eye for detail, they won’t miss a thing during our heat pump and furnace maintenance.

    Customers appreciate that we:
    • Have been serving this region since 1993
    • Are a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer
    • Regularly work with Energy Star products
    • Have experience with SunSource Home Energy Systems

    Lennox is not the only major brand we deal with. As a matter of fact, we service all makes and models of furnaces, heat pumps, and mini-splits. You can expect a personalized heating maintenance plan from our Lakeside company.

    We love to give back to our community in other ways besides maintaining heating systems. We support Sue’s Crew in its fight against cancer as well as the Humane Society of the White Mountains and several local sports teams.

    Lakeside’s Heating Maintenance Team

    Perhaps you own a newer system with a manufacturer’s warranty. That warranty most likely requires you to have professional maintenance done. Even without this requirement, though, you’ll want a tune-up for its benefits alone. It can allow for energy-efficient heating, which means lower energy bills, less frequent repairs, and more time before the inevitable replacement.

    Lakeside's Heating Maintenance Team

    Let us provide you with a customized service agreement. You’ll approve of our reasonable rate beforehand, and we won’t oblige you to hire us. Also, rest assured that our schedule is flexible enough for even the busiest clients.

    Our team can inspect your:
    • Heat exchanger
    • Electrical connections
    • Motor, fans, and belts
    • Ignition and burner assemblies

    Whatever issues there are will be addressed so that they don’t lead to bigger problems. Our technicians can tighten loose wiring, replace old wiring, and lubricate the motor to prevent overheating. We’ll calibrate the thermostat so that it reads the temperature accurately. After our heat pump or furnace maintenance, we’ll clean up that area of your Lakeside home where we worked.

    Heat Pump and Furnace Maintenance Plans

    Our service agreements come with a host of benefits, including selected discounts on parts and labor. If a repair job in between our tune-ups causes us to work overtime, you won’t be charged extra.

    Besides heating maintenance, Rim Country Mechanical, Inc. offers heating repairs, installations, and even AC maintenance in Lakeside. To learn more, call us today for an appointment!