How To Care For Your Lawn Around an Outdoor AC Unit

August 10, 2020

The workhorse of your cooling system, your outdoor air conditioner unit, helps to keep your Show Low home cool by expanding and contracting the refrigerant to allow heat to escape into the atmosphere. Given this important and intensive task, it’s vital to keep the area around this unit free from debris and well-manicured. This will allow the unit to operate efficiently, ensuring a long life for the unit and lower utility bills for you.

Remove Debris

It’s important that the area around your outdoor air conditioner unit doesn’t become a place for debris to collect. Wood planks, leaves, dead limbs, or any other type of debris can obstruct the airflow to the unit and cause it to overheat. Plus, if a technician from Rim Country Mechanical, Inc. needs to access the unit to work on it, it will be quite difficult if they first have to dig through a mountain of debris. Therefore, it’s important to keep all debris several feet away from your outdoor unit at all times.

Carefully Cut Grass

If you have grass growing around your outdoor air conditioner unit, you’ll want to keep it cut so that tall blades don’t start to grow into the structure of the unit. Plus, tall grass can restrict the airflow, leading to problems with efficiency.

When you’re cutting the grass around the unit, be especially careful when you’re trimming so that you don’t accidentally nick or cut through any electrical or refrigerant lines, as this could lead to major repairs. To make things simpler, you may consider surrounding your outdoor unit with gravel so that you don’t have to worry about grass.

Call the Professionals

At Rim Country Mechanical, Inc. in Show Low, AZ, we care about every aspect of your air conditioner. In addition to AC maintenance and repairs, we can assist you with any furnace repairs or maintenance that you might need. The fully trained team at Rim Country Mechanical, Inc. has been serving customers for over 25 years. Contact us today to see how we can assist you.