How To Unclog Your AC Drain Pipe

May 13, 2020

It’s important to keep your AC drain pipe free of blockages when you’re using your air conditioning system during the summer months. The AC drain pipe funnels water away from your AC unit when it’s actively cooling your home. The pipe can become clogged with dust, mold and other materials.

Signs an AC Drain Pipe Is Blocked

Some modern AC units have a sensor that alerts you when the AC drain pipe has become clogged. Otherwise, the drain pan becoming full of water is probably your first warning. You should check the drain pan whenever you change filters over the course of the summer. You may also have standing water around your AC unit, which needs to be addressed right away. While it’s not always an indication of a blocked AC drain pipe, a moldy smell is another sign.

Show Low, AZ, homeowners can look to Rim Country Mechanical, Inc. if their AC unit has water damage or if they need help clearing the drain pipe.

How to Clear the Blockage

First, turn off your AC system at the thermostat. Locate the AC drain pipe, which is made of PVC, and look for a T-shaped vent with a cap on it. Remove the cap and look inside the pipe to see if you can spot the blockage. You can try to remove it with your hand while wearing protective gloves.

If the blockage isn’t visible or is too far down, put a quarter cup of white distilled vinegar in the AC drain pipe. Vinegar is acidic and can dissolve many blockages. Leave the vinegar alone for a half hour to do its work. If this doesn’t clear the pipe, you’ll need to call a professional. To help prevent blockages, put vinegar in the pipe every month.

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