Should I Cover My Outdoor Unit During Colder Months?

December 18, 2020

As the winter season approaches, it may be tempting to cover your outdoor condenser unit. However, this is generally not necessary, and in some cases, doing so may actually damage your unit.

Condenser Units Are Designed to Withstand the Elements

A condenser unit is made from a material that is unlikely to rust or corrode after being exposed to rain, snow, or sleet. Furthermore, it is unlikely for the unit to experience significant damage after being exposed to extreme cold for days or weeks at a time. If you have any concerns about your home’s cooling system components, feel free to call us at Rim Country Mechanical, Inc. in Show Low, AZ. Our technicians can come to your home and inspect, repair, or replace a condenser unit in a timely and affordable manner.

You Might Forget to Take the Cover Off

The best reason to refrain from covering an outdoor unit is that you might not remember to take it off. Turning on a covered unit could cause significant damage to coils, fan blades, or other internal parts.

Covered Units May Be Prime Real Estate for Rodents

Squirrels, mice, and other pest animals may consider a covered condenser unit to be an ideal place to spend the winter. Because the cover helps to create a pocket of warm air during a cold or rainy night, rodents will be tempted to seek out the warm air. Besides, animals often like to spend time in areas where they are hidden from falling debris, predators, or other threats.

If you do feel the need to protect your outdoor unit from damage, you can do so by placing a piece of cardboard or plywood on top of it. This will leave enough of the unit exposed so that it won’t seem like a cozy hiding spot.

Rim Country Mechanical, Inc. can answer any questions you have about your home’s HVAC system. In addition to heating and cooling repair, our technicians can also conduct indoor air quality assessments. To ensure your unit is working optimally, call Rim Country Mechanical, Inc. today.