How To Keep My Home Cool Without Air Conditioning?

June 6, 2021

Cooling Solutions in Show Low, AZ

Temperatures tend to rise during summer; however, some of us cannot afford an air conditioner. If you are thinking of alternative ways of cooling your home without an AC, we have compiled some of them here.

1. Shut Doors to Unused Rooms

When at home, it’s advisable to shut the doors of the unused rooms to ensure that they do not emit their warm air to the areas that you are using. It will help you regulate the air circulation within your house without using any air conditioning.

2. Choice Low-Heat Appliances

Most people have adopted the use of modern appliances to perform their household chores. These appliances mostly give off significant amounts of heat that, in turn, makes the house warm. Therefore, you should choose the most convenient appliance that will emit minimal heat. However, choosing where to place these appliances is also a thing to consider as it will help you understand how to aerate your room.

3. Plant Vines

Vines grow quickly and provide a cooling shade by reducing the temperatures as they block sunlight from heating the exterior wall. This reduces the heat emitted to the room by exterior walls, thus reducing the overall heat in your room. In addition to this, the vines can give the exterior of your home a beautiful look.

4. Open Windows at Night

Due to the increased number of activities taking place during the day, the room temperatures rise. Therefore, it is wise to open the windows at night when the temperature is cooler as this will promote a cross breeze that will keep your room cool. This will give you a fresh start to your day with some fresh air and a cool home in the morning.

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