How to Safely Clean Your AC Unit

August 10, 2022

AC tips in Show Low, AZ

A clean AC unit operates more efficiently and isn’t as susceptible to surprise breakdowns. Yet, how do you clean the unit safely without damaging its vital components?

Many people ask whether it’s safe to power wash their AC unit. The answer is 100% no. You should never power wash your AC, but there are ways to safely clean the unit. Here are some tips for cleaning the indoor air handler and the outside condenser.

How to Clean the Inside AC Unit

Over time, the inside AC unit accumulates dust and other debris, making it necessary to give it a thorough cleaning. Periodically, you want to wipe down the interior unit’s exterior to remove dust. Also, stay on top of regular filter changes to keep dirt to a minimum.

Aside from wiping down the unit’s exterior, there are interior parts that need cleaning as well. However, it’s recommended that only qualified service professionals handle this type of cleaning. When you schedule professional AC cleaning services, you can expect the technician to open up the unit and clean the following:

  • Conditioner drain if it’s clogged
  • Drain pane
  • Evaporator coils

How to Clean the Outside AC Unit

The AC’s condenser is located outside and susceptible to natural elements. It’s not unusual for the unit to become clogged with debris caused by animals attempting to build nests in the unit and even grass clippings from mowing. Weekly cleaning can keep the unit from becoming dirty, but don’t use a power washer. All you need is a garden hose to clean the unit well.

Once a season, you should also clean the unit’s AC grille, its coils, and its fins. However, this isn’t a DIY job. Call an HVAC service technician to help you with this cleaning task.

Local AC Cleaning

Annual air conditioning cleaning is a great way to keep your system working its best. You’ll also avoid costly repairs. For more information about heating and cooling services in Show Low, AZ, contact Rim Country Mechanical, Inc..