Mini-Splits and Central AC: Pros and Cons

January 8, 2024

Ductless AC In Show Low, AZ

When it comes to air conditioning, many homes have ducted heat pumps. However, there’s a ductless heat pump that can be a good alternative, depending on your situation.

Ductless heat pumps, also called mini-splits, come with the same three components (compressor, air handler, and refrigerant line) but heat a smaller space on account of their size. However, since you can connect up to eight air handlers to one compressor, these systems are a viable source of whole-house cooling. Below are some considerations if you’re deciding between ducted and ductless AC.

Greater Durability With Mini-Splits

First of all, you can’t beat mini-splits when it comes to durability. A mini-split air handler can last up to 30 years provided that you give it the professional tune-up it needs each year. Contrast this with a central AC, which may start to give out by the 15-year mark.

Saving Energy With Mini-Splits

During those three decades or so of performance, you can expect to save money because mini-splits don’t waste energy. With central ACs, you’ll inevitably lose some of your cool air through the ducts. On the other hand, if you seal and insulate your ducts, you can minimize that energy loss.

Multi-Zone Cooling With Mini-Splits

Having an air handler in each room lets you create multiple temperature zones. This is an advantage when everyone in your home has different temperature preferences. Besides that, you can always shut down the air handlers in unoccupied rooms whereas a central AC cools all rooms regardless.

Lower Costs With Central AC

The one real downside to mini-splits is the cost. These units are generally 30% more expensive than your average central air conditioner. For this reason, many homeowners don’t consider mini-splits except for small-scale projects, like the cooling of an outbuilding or a home addition without ductwork.

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