Reasons Your AC Is Causing Humidity in Your House

July 18, 2022

AC Humidity in Show Low, AZ

Excess humidity can make your home more uncomfortable, especially during summer. That’s why you use air conditioners to cool your home and assist in controlling indoor humidity levels. However, sometimes your AC can make your home humid when it’s ineffective or requires repairs. Here are some possible reasons if you wonder why your house is humid even when the air conditioner is running.

AC Is Too Old

Like other equipment, an air conditioner also undergoes wear and tear as it ages. Thus, the system is unable to eliminate indoor humidity properly. It often occurs when you postpone or fail to maintain your AC regularly. If your house feels muggy, hire an expert to inspect your air conditioner and recommend a replacement if the system is too old.

The Wrong Settings

Using incorrect thermostat settings can cause AC humidity issues. Running the fan setting doesn’t always eliminate excess moisture in your home. Instead, it might make the levels worse. The fan can blow moisture your air conditioner removes back into the house, making your home humid.

High Outdoor Humidity Levels

It might be more difficult for your AC to control indoor humidity levels when the outdoor environment has exceptionally high humidity. When the heat and humidity are high outdoors, the air conditioning unit struggles to cool and dehumidify your home. A simple way to solve this issue is to reduce heat gain to reduce your AC’s strain and dehumidify your home.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Dirty condenser coils in your outdoor unit can make your home humid. The coils allow the refrigerant to release heat from the indoor air into the outside. The accumulation of grime, debris, and dirt on the coils blocks heat transfer, preventing the refrigerant from doing its role. A disruption of the refrigerant cycles prevents the AC from effectively removing humidity indoors.

You may need AC repairs if your house is humid while your cooling system is running. Our licensed repair technicians will thoroughly inspect your AC for repairs and help with routine tune-ups. We also specialize in furnaces, ductless mini-split systems, and indoor air quality services in Show Low, AZ. Contact Rim Country Mechanical, Inc. to schedule an affordable AC repair service anytime.