This Is How Your Furnace Works

January 13, 2022

Furnace Services in Show Low, AZ

Nighttime winter temperatures in Show Low, AZ, can drop down to the low 20s, so you’ll need to turn to your home’s furnace for relief. Gas furnaces use the process of combustion to heat air, and a forced-air system distributes it throughout your house. Understanding how your furnace works can help you know when to take action if there’s a problem and makes it easier to maintain a safe and efficient heating system.

Thermostat Triggers Heating Cycle

The first step in how your furnace works is the triggering of a heating cycle. When your thermostat’s sensor detects that your home’s air temperature has dropped below the set point, it starts a heating cycle.

Natural Gas Burns

A heating cycle begins with the ignition of natural gas. The gas supply valve opens, and the pilot light ignites it. Newer furnaces with hot surface ignitors, intermittent pilots, or direct spark trigger the ignition at the same time as the start of the gas flow.

Air Gets Hot

The flame from the burner heats a metal piece called the heat exchanger. Fresh air enters the combustion chamber. As it moves over the heat exchanger, it absorbs the heat. Exhaust gases are pushed out of the combustion chamber, through the flue, and to the outdoors.

Hot Air Distribution

The forced-air handler blows the heated air through the furnace’s filter. After it passes through the filter, the hot air enters your house’s ducts. The ducts distribute the heated air throughout your home through the supply vents. Intake vents near the ceiling return the room temperature air back to the furnace for the next heating cycle.

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