What Tasks Are Performed During a Furnace Tune-Up?

September 20, 2023

Furnace Maintenance in Show Low, AZ

Furnace tune-ups are integral to keeping your heater working efficiently and lasting as long as possible. A technician will inspect various components to ensure your furnace operates at its best for many years to come. What does a technician do during a furnace tune-up?

Verifying Safe Furnace Operation

The most important task the technician will perform is making sure your furnace is operating safely. One of the main things they check is the heat exchanger and make sure it is not cracked. A cracked heat exchanger can allow carbon monoxide to leak into your home. This is a byproduct of burning natural gas that can impact your health and, in high enough concentrations, can be fatal.

They will also check the safety systems of your furnace, such as the limit switch, flame sensor, and air pressure switch.

Check for Proper Airflow

Your furnace needs to provide proper airflow to keep your home comfortable. Without it, you’ll have hot and cold spots in your home. Proper airflow also helps your furnace operate as effectively as possible. It improves indoor air quality by preventing areas with stagnant air.

Boosting Your Furnace Efficiency

The technician will do tasks that ensure your furnace is operating as efficiently as it can. This includes cleaning critical components, as dust and dirt reduce their efficiency. They’ll also inspect and replace the air filter as needed, as a dirty one can dramatically reduce the efficiency of your furnace.

Minimizing Furnace Wear and Tear

Our technician will also carry out tasks aimed at reducing wear and tear. This includes lubricating moving parts, such as belts and motor bearings.

A Thermostat Calibration Review

Your thermostat will also be checked to ensure it is operating as it should and is properly calibrated. A properly calibrated thermostat ensures that it accurately measures and maintains the desired temperature in your home.

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